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Friday, February 5, 2016

GovInfo Beta - FDsys' next generation replacement

The U.S. Government Publishing Office has long made a huge amount of government publications available online through it's FDsys database.

The GPO has just released their new website GovInfo to the public. GovInfo will eventually replace FDsys but for now it's still in beta.

All the documents available on FDsys are available right now through GovInfo's search interface. However they are still working on adding sources to the category and alphabetical indexes.

The site provides links to various other government resources as well. You may be familiar with government documents like the United States Code and the Federal Register. There are also links to less well known and useful sources like FRASER, The Federal Reserve's database of economic research; and PubMed, the National Institutes of Health's index of medical publications.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

LaFave's Criminal Procedure New 4th Edition now at the SOLL

The new 4th edition LaFave's Criminal Procedure is out. The new edition is more than a 1000 pages longer than the 3rd edition. The authors note in their preface:
In large part, this growth represents an effort on our part to take note of the changes that have occurred in the interim. During that period, the United States Supreme Court has decided a great many cases that, collectively, have changed further the character of our state and federal criminal justice systems. 
Stop by the SOLL to peruse the new edition of this excellent book. For Westlaw users the book is available online depending our your subscription.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Native American Legal Sources - Northwest United States

Native American Law is a unique area of research that combines government to government relations with distinct legal systems across the numerous Native American nations.

The SOLL has several volumes dedicated to Tribal and Native American Law. Including these two volumes collecting laws and treaties relating to Native American Tribes.

Kappler's "Indian Affairs" collects a number of federal laws and treaties dealing with Native Americans and is a excellent source for identifying old laws and treaties.

"Indian Treaties" is a handsome volume that collects a number of United States treaties with Native Nations.

Information on Tribal and Native American legal sources in the United States can be difficult to find. Collected bellow are some useful primary and secondary sources of Native American Law. School of Law Libguide on Native American Law – A excellent collection of sources on Native American Law from across the United States.

Federal      - Department of Indian Affairs Northwest Region - Department of Indian Affairs Document Library - Links to various federal documents and general information and reports on tribal affairs. 
State - National Conference of State Legislatures – A 2013 list of state executive and legislative bodies dedicated to Native American affairs.

Oregon - Oregon’s Legislative Commission Indian Services – Oregon state resources related to Oregon’s tribes. This includes links to the government to government reports required by Oregon statutes from Oregon state agencies. - Oregon’s Blue Book - Almanac entries on tribes located in Oregon

Washington - State of Washington’s Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs – Information on tribes located in Washington state and links to state agencies dealing with tribal issues
Tribal - University of Arizona Indigenous Governance Database. Papers, films and courses aimed at assisting and documenting native peoples efforts in developing and implementing governance systems. - Tribal Court Clearing House – A collection of links to various sources of tribal law. In particular an extensive national list of tribal courts including contact information. - The Northwest Inter-tribal Court System – A consortium of tribes from Washington State that manages a collective court system. They have a digital collection of their appellate opinions available online ( - The National Indian Law Library – A library in Bolder Colorado dedicated to Indian and tribal law. They publish news and regulatory bulletins and maintain an exhaustive list of tribal websites and legal resources online 
( They also maintain a reference desk if you need expert assistance ( - Indian Law Reporter – Published since 1974 this reporter contains US, State and Tribal case law and administrative law opinions relating to American Indian Law. The publisher does not maintain the reporter online but the NARF maintains a independent index ( - A survey sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice that collects the details of tribal judicial systems.