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Monday, March 2, 2015

Oregon's 1% for Art

A visitor to the Eastern Oregon University Science Center can look up to this upon entering the lobby.

This sculpture called "Almost Freezing" by Thomas Sayre was paid for by a innovative Oregon program called the 1% for Art.

In 1975 the Oregon legislature mandated that 1% of funds for state construction in Marion and Polk go towards public art. In 1978 the program was expanded to the entire state. Various local cities and counties throughout Oregon have followed the State government's lead and enacted their own 1% for art ordinances.

ORS 276.080 mandates that 1% of construction projects spending 100,000$ or more go towards public art. Chapter 123 Division 475 of the Oregon Administrative Rules lays out the framework for how the money is to be spent. The Oregon Art Commission is charged with administering the selection process.

The art is commissioned or purchased by a committee of citizens that represents the agency acquiring the art. Serving on a art selection committee is an exciting way Oregon citizens can participate in beautifying their public spaces.

You can browse through images of the hundreds of pieces of public art installed through the program at this webpage.

Next time you walk into a public building in Oregon and see a fantastic piece of art say a silent thank you to those thoughtful legislatures back in 1975.

Excelsior Oregon!

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State of Oregon Law Library

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oregon Appellate Arguments - Week of February 23rd

Oregon Supreme Court

Oregon Court of Appeals

  • Arguments 2/24 - 2/26
  • 2/24 8:30 am arguments are being held at McKay High School in Salem (2440 Lancaster Dr. NE)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Beyond Opinions: Obtaining Documents from the Oregon Appellate Courts

Appellate court documents, other than published opinions, are often difficult to obtain. Traditional databases either do not contain these documents or put them behind a additional and expensive paywall. Despite these obstacles a brief or court order can provide important insights.

The State of Oregon Law Library has an ongoing process to digitize our collection of Oregon appellate briefs. However, our online database is not yet comprehensive. We also excludes some cases with sensitive information. You can access our Database here:

The Oregon Judicial Department Appellate Records Section maintains a comprehensive collection of all the records of both the Oregon Supreme Court and the Oregon Court of Appeals. This includes civil and criminal cases, lawyer and judicial disciplinary cases, Oregon Tax Court cases, cases of original Supreme Court jurisdiction, ballot measure titles, and judicial review of most state administrative actions.

The records in all these cases may be requested directly from the Appellate Records Section with the following form. Also attached below is the price schedule for delivery of documents. The digital delivery of the documents via the internet is especially reasonable at 3.00$ per document. You can download a PDF of these documents here.

As always if you need help requesting court documents or identifying the documents you need do not hesitate to contact us at the State of Oregon Law Library.

Friday, December 26, 2014

BOLI Orders: Finding the final orders issued by the Commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

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        In 1995 the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries began publishing a red softbound volume of final orders issued by the commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. These orders deal with the many fact situations and administrative rules covered by the Bureau. These volumes collect all the orders available from 1972 onwards. Since the bureau started contested hearings in 1972 this contains all the available hearings.  We have a complete collection of these volumes here at the SOLL 


        The print publication of these small red volumes ceased in 2009 with the cases running through September 19th 2009. However, the BOLI volume is still published online here:



Searching BOLI is also easier than ever. If you know the party you are looking for you can browse the table of cases here:



There is also a subject digest that covers the entire collection of BOLI orders. They are split into three sections but are available here:


The Bureau has also put together a guide to researching BOLI orders here:


Remember if you have any trouble locating a document feel free to contact us here at the SOLL


Lewis Zimmerman

SOLL Reference Librarian

Friday, December 5, 2014

Measure 91: Recreational Marijuana In Oregon and Around the Country

Oregon measure 91 was approved by the voters on November 4, 2014. Measure 91 “legalizes personal possession of marijuana within specified limits, and provides for a commercial regulatory system of marijuana production, distribution and sale.”

Don't get too excited! The entire measure will slowly go into effect over the next several months. Here are some links to information about the measure and it's implementation in Oregon.

  • The Oregon Liquor Control Commission page on recreational marijuana.

    • This page has a lot of good information on the current state of legal recreational marijuana in Oregon. Keep checking back here as the OCLL develops its plans and rules.

  • The 2014 Oregon Voter's Guide

    • This guide contains the full text of the measure along with a impartial and brief explanation of the measure and it's intended effect.

Oregon is not the only state to legalize recreational marijuana. You can compare Oregon's laws and implementation with Washington State, Alaska and Colorado. Take a look at those state's pages here.

Finding out what the US federal government thinks of all this is a little more difficult. The US Department of Justice did issue a guidance letter to all US Attorneys in 2013. You can read that letter here.

These are exciting times Oregonians! Meet them with up to date legal information. As always you can visit us at SOLL, go to our webpage, call us at 503-986-5640 or email us at