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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Specialized Legal Research

Legal research usually consists of consulting the body of case law along with relevant provisions of a statutory code. However the modern legal system consists of a baroque body of interlocking laws, regulations and institutions. When engaging with a specialized legal issue a responsible legal researcher is faced with a daunting task.

Navigating this vast body of potential authority can be difficult. Identifying reliable and relevant secondary sources multiplies the difficulty.

Specialized Legal Research by Penny A Hazelton serves as a guide to researching several more obscure areas of the law. Listed below are the subjects covered in the volume's 13 chapters.


  1. Securities Regulation
  2. The Uniform Commercial Code
  3. Federal Income Taxation
  4. Copyright Law
  5. Federal Labor and Employment Law
  6. Law of Environmental Protection
  7. Admiralty and Maritime Law
  8. Immigration Law
  9. Military and Veterans Law
  10. Banking Law
  11. Federal Patent and Trademark Law
  12. Federal Government Contracts
  13. Customs Law
So if you're stumped on a tough legal research job you might just be able to find the answer in this excellent book.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

November 2015 New CLE Titles

It’s almost 2016 and for many Oregon lawyers this means continuing legal education. The SOLL has several new CLE programs in stock.
You can check out all our CLE titles using our catalog’s CLE list.

If the CLE title you want is checked out and you have a library account you can put a hold on it!  Our cataloging librarian explains how:

To place a hold, simply click the hold button () on the left side of any resource page in our catalog. You will be prompted to sign in -- if you never have before, your username is the last five digits of your library barcode, and your default password is the same five numbers (you can change it after signing in if you wish). If you have any difficulties, please let us know!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Oregon Appellate Court Oral Arguments -- Week of November 9

The Oregon Supreme Court has several cases set for oral argument this week:


09:00 AM             State of Oregon v. J. C. N.-V - S063111 (A147958, A147958, A147958, A147958)

09:00 AM             Arthur Yeatts v. Polygon Northwest Company - S062977 (A150199)

01:30 PM             Tim Nay v. Department of Human Services - S062978 (A150722)

01:30 PM             Jan Wyers v. American Medical Response Northwest, Inc. - S063000 (A149258) 


09:00 AM             State of Oregon v. Denny D. Ghim - S063021 (A152065)

09:00 AM             State of Oregon v. Walter Perry Lile - S063031 (A148884)          

01:30 PM             Lake Oswego Preservation Society v. City of Lake Oswego - S063048 (A157619)


09:00 AM             SAIF Corporation v. Roger J. Thompson - S063020 (A152618)


09:00 AM             State of Oregon v. Alen Vladimir Simonov - S063135 (A151415)

01:30 PM             State of Oregon v. Caryn Aline Nascimento - S063197 (A147290)

01:30 PM             Department of Human Services v. T. L. - S063204 (A155300)


09:00 AM             State of Oregon v. Brian James Chandler - S063096 (A152098)

09:00 AM             State of Oregon v. Rasool Islam Islam - S063202 (A154949)           

01:30 PM             State of Oregon v. Robert Gordon Davis - S063216 (A154382)

01:30 PM             Emily Johnson v. Scott Gibson - S063188


The Oregon Court of Appeals hears oral arguments Tuesday 11/10 in the Justice Building.

Friday, October 30, 2015

WestlawNext: Getting negative history fast

A key step in any legal research is making sure that the case or statute you are relying on is still good law. WestlawNext offers some effective tools to dig up negative history fast.

Check out this quick guide to checking negative history in WestlawNext without clicking through the original law.